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Let’s Talk Autism with Shannon and Nancy – Autism News + Autism Family Portrait with Becky Estepp

In this episode of Let’s Talk Autism with Shannon and Nancy, our hosts cover some autism news about an inspiring man in Philadelphia, Autism Comorbidities and a Helpful Florida Police Officer. After that, our hosts are joined by mother and autism advocate, Becky Estepp for the Autism Family Portrait section! Don’t miss it! #AutismPodcast #AutismNews […]

Let’s Talk Autism – Autism News + CIP Program Director, Ashley Lehman, M.A., BCBA

Our hosts Shannon and Nancy cover autism news about Amazon debuting a show starring actors with autism, FDA claims to have had a breakthrough with an autism diagnostic aid and Autism Speaks launching a crowdsourcing competition! After that, our hosts our joined by CIP Program Director, Ashley Lehman, M.A., BCBA to discuss CIP and the […]

Autism Live – Neurotypical Explained + Questions about Food Selectivity & ADHD

In this episode of Autism Live, our host Shannon Penrod explains the term Neurotypical for the autism jargon of the day before taking a few viewer questions! Tune in and join us! Recorded January 10, 2022 @10am PT 16:51 Autism Jargon of the Day: Neurodiversity 19:30 Neurodiversity – Actual Definition 20:43 Neurodiversity – Working Definition […]