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Join us as our host Shannon Penrod interviews the famous autism advocate and professor Dr. Temple Grandin! In this episode Dr. Grandin will be answering questions that our viewers wrote into our host! Tune in and interact with us LIVE while Dr. Grandin and our host Shannon discuss the answers and interact with our live audience!!!

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3:36 What’s on your desk?

5:14 Do recommend when teaching individuals to drive that they learn on a stick first?

8:06 What is Your take on teaching consequences?

12:02 My Son’s Interest in Learning Chinese If my child (4) is showing interest in learning Chinese should I encourage it? He is behind in speech for English, I don’t want to confuse him, but I have heard you say we should foster their interests.

12:38 Navigating Autism

13:31 What inspired your to write navigating Autism?

15:40 In Navigating Autism you talk about the importance of looking at the whole unique individual, and getting regular comprehensive evaluations. I agree, but I find this is hard to get physicians and educators on board for – what do you suggest we do when we get push back at the doctor’s office or at school.

18:16 What was your favorite ride at the county fair?

21:35 Books by Dr. Temple Grandin

27:17 My son (8) is obsessed with the moving parts of anything. I have to lock up the toaster or he will take it apart! How can I feed his desire to understand what things do without losing all my appliances or risking him hurting himself? I should add, he takes the things apart but shows no interest in putting them back together.

29:42 Hello’s from other people that recently interviewed Dr. Temple Grandin

32:04 Best of Autism Ed Talks on April 26th, 2022!

33:21 Parents are equal Team Members, Are you seeing a trend of Parents that just dropping their kids off and not participating in their child’s learning?

34:34 Why understanding an individual’s sensory issues is important.

37:34 Since April is World Autism Awareness/Acceptance Month, what kind of work do you want to see improve more to support our Autism Community?

39:37 How did you learn to handle the sensory things that bothered you? Do you still have sensory things that you can’t stand? What do you do to help yourself when you are at work?

40:52 I am on the spectrum and I have a degree in community planning, I cannot get a job in my field. I get interviews but I know I come across as being different and then I don’t get the job. I don’t know what I am doing that is wrong and I am very frustrated. What should I do?

43:30 My daughter is 16 and I have been told we should start the conservatorship conversation. I want to keep my daughter safe, but I also want her to have as much independence as possible. What do you recommend. She is 16 and verbal, but she is not safe and is a little boy crazy.’

45:37 Do you find it easier to be friends with people on the spectrum? Is it different for you ? In what way?

46:05 There is more and more discussion about the way autism presents in women – that it is different than in males. I would love to hear your thoughts on how it presents in women.

47:36 Did Temple watch Squid Game? What does she like to watch?

50:36 Apollo Autism

52:09 The Books Available for Pre-Order

54:54 Math Kids

55:44 If you could have lunch with one person who would it be and why?

58:28 This week on Autism Live!

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