Autism Live – Neurotypical Explained + Questions about Food Selectivity & ADHD

In this episode of Autism Live, our host Shannon Penrod explains the term Neurotypical for the autism jargon of the day before taking a few viewer questions! Tune in and join us!

Recorded January 10, 2022 @10am PT

16:51 Autism Jargon of the Day: Neurodiversity

19:30 Neurodiversity – Actual Definition

20:43 Neurodiversity – Working Definition

34:04 Question of the Day: What 5 words do you use to describe yourself?

40:58 Topic of the Week: This ability not Disability

46:32 Viewer Question “here is my question. the Tebow night to shine prom in my area got cancelled due to it being all virtual. I don’t attend that event but i have friends that do. what can I do to not only help comfort those friends but since the event is great in advocacy how can the community help replace it. the Tebow event for those who still have it is February second and it is a virtual event”

51:31 Viewer Comment “like for example I can’t do calculus for the life of me so I am low functioning in calculus but I know food stuff like how to eat ribs properly I am high functioning in that”

56:00 Viewer Question “He eats nothing. because of his sensitivity, he eats 10 menu items” grilled cheese, peanut butter sandwich (on brown bread), Nutella sandwich, banana bread, a slice of apple not more, hummus on naan bread (not by choice), ensure calorie plus, milk, chocolate cake (on birthday only), mini drinkable yogurts, chicken soup ramen noodles. That’s it.”

59:14 Viewer Comment “You definitely want to watch those artificial colors with ADHD. It makes a big difference in my daughter who has ADHD. Lots of good alternatives now. You’d be surprised what has artificial colors in it. I think Chic fil a waffle fries have artificial colors.”

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