Let’s Talk Autism with Shannon and Nancy – Autism News + Autism Family Portrait with Becky Estepp

In this episode of Let’s Talk Autism with Shannon and Nancy, our hosts cover some autism news about an inspiring man in Philadelphia, Autism Comorbidities and a Helpful Florida Police Officer. After that, our hosts are joined by mother and autism advocate, Becky Estepp for the Autism Family Portrait section! Don’t miss it! #AutismPodcast #AutismNews #Autism


2:59 Autism News – Inspired By 2 Sons, Philadelphia Man Creates Autisarians To Provide Safe Haven For Autism Community


8:03 Autism News – Autism comorbidities reflect racial, ethnic disparities


13:40 Autism News – Clearwater officer who comforted runaway child with autism ‘a true community champion’


17:07 Autism Family Portrait: Becky Estepp from Safe Mind


19:38 About Eric (Becky’s Son)

24:30 About Safe Minds https://safeminds.org

27:03 When was your son Diagnosed with Autism and what was that like for you?

30:30 What are some of the interventions and treatments that you think were the most helpful?

34:40 What advice do you have for families?

40:45 What are some of the things your son wants to do with his life?

49:14 Self-Determination Programs

55:40 Advice for New Parents

59:10 Next Week on Autism Live