Autism Live – Stereotypical Behaviors Explained + Autism Advocate & Author Thomas Iland

In this episode of Autism Live, our host Shannon Penrod explains stereotypical behaviors for the jargon of the day! After that, she is joined by autism advocate, author, public speaker and life coach Thomas Iland to discuss the full potential of individuals on the autism spectrum, love and relationships and much more! Don’t miss it!

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0:00 Intro

7:15 Jargon of the Day – Stereotypical Behaviors

21:31 Topic of the Week – Normal is a setting on the dryer

27:00 Special Guest, Autism Advocate, Author and Public Speaker, Thomas Iland Joins us

29:00 Dating and relationships can be difficult for people on the autism spectrum. Tell us about some of the successes and the struggles you have had finding love and having a girlfriend growing up.

37:23 What do people on the autism spectrum have to offer or bring to the table in a relationship?

40:35 What would you say was/were the turning point(s) in improving dating and relationships for you?

43:35 Do you also coach kids like 8 year old’s with social skills?

48:43 What are you doing today to help people with autism find love and improve their relationships?

51:30 Are you still training to be the first autistic man to complete an Iron Man Triathlon?

57:55 This week on Autism Live