Anxiety, ADHD, ABA therapy and more

12:48 Will my Child Benefit from ABA Therapy? Hi Dr. Doreen, My kid is Diagnosed with high functioning autism, will she benefit from ABA therapy, play therapy. Thanks for suggestion/advice. 14:40 How do you differentiate between a “loss” and a tragedy”?

16:12 HSP & Social Anxiety So I’m 18yo female and I have been months searching about autism and I’m pretty sure that I am autistic myself, and I feel so validated and relieved always that I hear experiences from other autistic people, but since March I had a depressive episode (which probably was caused by a burnout because I just finished high school and started University immediately) and started therapy with a psychologist, I reunited all of my efforts and asked her if I could be on the spectrum and she told me to reunite all of the traits I think make me part of the spectrum, when she read the list, she only said I was a HSP with social anxiety… This is what she told me when we just met, and she said that she doesn’t like diagnosis because she believes it can make people restrict themselves to their diagnosis, I don’t know how to feel, I can’t stop crying while I write all of this, what should I do? Maybe I’m not autistic and just believe it to make myself feel better?

28:28 Is it Natural Behavior for Children to Throw Tantrums & Cry with ABA Therapy? Follow up: From various forum I read that ABA therapy involve placing instructions and some kids get very upset and tend to tantrum, cry. Is that a natural behavior any advice for parents?

38:08 I have been told I have HFA, I have worked in a laboratory as a Metrologist (scientist) and I have gotten bored. I have decided to become a lawyer. I am in process of doing this. I am finding this boring as well. My therapist told me that career change is typical however, I am having trouble sticking to it. is this HFA or my autism. I find it easy… just like school when I was younger 😴 (also I feel too embarrassed to tell my therapist because I don’t want her to think she isn’t helpful to me. because she is helpful) (Sometimes I don’t tell her I have had a bad day because I feel like she would be upset.) βœ… ok I’m done. (36/f) Is this talk about low functioning autism? Are there cultural queues noted for nonverbal autism children or adolescent girls in particular?

41:30 What programs should I tell my supervisor to look into? Hello gorgeous ladies. Had a question I don’t think that my child 11 sees the difference between adults and kids. For example when he talks to little kids the expectation is for them to talk back to him πŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™€β€how do we know how he perceives himself. What programs should I tell my supervisor to look into?

46:48 Autism & ADHD Hi. I have an extremely bright, but stubborn 8-year old boy with a new diagnosis of ASD level 2. One of our struggles is his hyperactivity (fast moving, loud talking, acting silly, not listening). We see it a lot at home and school was reporting issues with it at the end of last year. He gets a lot of exercise during the summer, but school is starting soon, and I know that it will be more difficult. Should we wait or be proactive and have him take movement breaks during his day? Also, he refuses to do any calming activity or swinging in his special swing. How do we convince him it will help regulate him? I ‘m grateful for your show.