ABA Therapy, GF/CF Diet, Potty Training and More

6:25 Are Shannon or Dr. Doreen autistic or have autistic friends and family?

9:09 Do you believe a person with ASD can recover?

14:14 I believe that ABA therapy is extremely cruel.

19:00 I wish my very high functioning aspie 6 years old received ABA and learn all the skills now than later 🙈

20:22 hi Dr. Doreen here is a quickie, is there any other diets that you recommend besides gf/cf?

25:45 My son is potty trained in pee, but I cannot get him to do #2 on the potty. Please help

28:38 Hello, my son communicates his need/want he is 41/2now. When will he start to communicate with us (randomly)

31:13 My grandson doesn’t eat and it’s very hard to put him to sleep

37:22 My son is 6. He’s been in ABA for 3 years and has made great progress but he’s so hyperactive. He does great in his center but so hyperactive at home and is now becoming defiant. I’m losing my mind.

42:03 My 8 y.o. is always hungry. She can eat 3 bowls of spaghetti. She also has issues with heat. She cant stand being outside when too hot. What is this and what can i do?

44:09 What help is there for me? I just can’t deal with my own thoughts.

45:58 I need advice on how to handle my parents because they don’t trust me.

54:15 Our son is 4, and was diagnosed with ASD a year ago. We are currently living in a region with very poor education, and both my husband and I remember how autistic kids were treated when we were in school, not that long ago and not that far away. We are afraid he won’t be able to reach his highest potential if we stay, or worse, for his education to make this brilliant kid believe he isn’t good enough for anything. We have been talking about moving, but my parents are retired and take care of him while we work. They are fantastic, and he has a great relationship with them. We are afraid of him losing this connection and withdrawing. They cannot afford to move with us. I know everyone has a different case, and we must decide for ourselves, but has anyone here been faced with a similar choice? What did you decide, and how did it turn out? Thank you very much! Edit: We are thinking about moving overseas.

1:00:02 My 4 year old ASD son probably has visual slimming…looks at moving trees, light coming out of windows… his language skills are improving… please help on how to work on this