Let’s Talk Autism – Autism News + Special Guests Pastiche Graham and Julie Wedeen

It’s time for Let’s Talk Autism again! In this episode, our host cover autism news about a pastor that said autism was a demon possession, a study about boys with autism watching screens and an article about the show Under Cover Boss before interviewing our first guest who just recently appeared on that show, Pastiche Graham! After our first guest, we are joined by Autism Mother and Advocate, Julie Wedeen for our Autism Family Portrait segment! Don’t miss it!
3:00 Art from Nancy Alspaugh-Jackson’s son! An Artist on the Autism Spectrum, Wyatt Jackson! https://www.facebook.com/WyArt-Autism…
6:19 Autism News – Pastor Greg Locke, said autism is demon possession
12:02 Autism News – Baby boys who watch TV for at least two hours a day are 3.5 TIMES more likely to be diagnosed with autism by age three, study finds
16:55 Autism News – Rita’s Italian Ice & Frozen Custard CEO appearing on “Undercover Boss” https://www.qsrweb.com/news/ritas-ita…
20:45 Special Guest Pastiche Graham, a recent participant in the popular tv show Undercover Boss and Author on the Autism Spectrum joins us!
21:21 What has been the reaction to people seeing you on TV?
22:44 Pastiche’s Background
24:55 What is happening with your book?
26:43 Be on the lookout for Pastiche’s book! Bellton Lydflower: When Lydflower Find Her Missing Mystery to Autism Acceptance 28:19 Are you still working at Rita’s?
29:30 Have you been able to help them with their diversity hiring initiative?
33:02 What do you want other employers to know about hiring neurodivergent employees?
36:50 Autism Family Portrait – Autism Mother and Advocate, Julie Wedeen
39:14 Julie Wedeen Shares her inspirational story about raising her son Tyler who has Autism and Cerebral Palsy
44:08 Julie’s son now
46:10 Dealing with COVID challenges
50:55 What are your hopes for Tyler in the future?
53:19 What were the benefits of a your son living in a group home and what was the hardest part?
59:40 On the show next week