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Let’s Talk Autism – Autism News + Leigh Merryday Porch Author of the Blog Flappiness Is

It’s time for Let’s Talk Autism with Shannon and Nancy! Nancy gives us an update on our favorite painter, Wyatt Jackson, before our hosts get into some autism news. Afterwards our hosts are joined by veteran educator and author of the popular autism parenting blog Flappiness, Leigh Merryday Porch! You won’t want to miss it! […]

Let’s Talk Autism – Autism News + Special Guests Pastiche Graham and Julie Wedeen

It’s time for Let’s Talk Autism again! In this episode, our host cover autism news about a pastor that said autism was a demon possession, a study about boys with autism watching screens and an article about the show Under Cover Boss before interviewing our first guest who just recently appeared on that show, Pastiche […]