Outbursts – Mands- Conversational Speech

12:48 – Telehealth, Hi Shannon, I want to reach out that my BCBA is now doing one hour sessions, five days a week. So exciting! My seven year old has worked it out really well. Ironically his behavior improved by day two. I really grounds him for the day. We have a schedule and his starts his day. I really recommend this. Nancy you got this and thanks for all that you do.

21:01 – Is there a way to apply an intelligence test to a six year old that does not have conversational speech. He only mands.

21:49 – I’m trying to sort out home-schooling

26:16 – Thanks to Dr. Doreen our families in South Africa are also doing Telehealth and it is working very well. I want to encourage every parent to take the opportunity to enroll with CARD for Telehealth.

29:12 – Good Evening, I’m a pediatric OT, working with children and their families on the spectrum from Greece and we’ve been in quarantine since the 13th of March with no options for one on one Therapy. The only tool we can use right now is Teletherapy. What strategy would you recommend to engage parents in the program of Telehealth? How would it be possible to motivate them to take parts?

31:10 – I am interested in the whole Telehealth thing, but I am also afraid. I’m just going to be honest because I know no one will know who I am. I am afraid of my child and afraid of being hit. I’m afraid they will ask me to do something that will set him off and I am afraid he will hit me like he has done before. Am I a terrible parent if I just let my son do what he wants during this time? Is this really something Telehealth could help with?

35:10 – I am trying my best to parent an adult with regression on life skills and I would like some worksheets having to do with life skills.

38:09 – I just wanted to give you an update on how he is doing. Last week he has come back to his usual self and is back to sitting with us. Northern Ireland now is in lockdown and the family is now all at home. We are getting out for a walk every day and trying to get used to this new way of living. Last week home-schooling went well, this week hasn’t been so good. He is getting very frustrated and this is leading to physical aggression. Is it better to ease up on school work activities? Especially writing? Which he finds really difficult and just focus on doing fun things together? I’m afraid in case he loses skills at this time but I also don’t want to be faced with aggression outbursts when it comes to completing tasks. I really appreciate your advice. Many thanks and stay safe.

43:11 – My son is banging his head and it has increased since our center has closed. We have his therapist come to our house and I have seen increased behavior such as head-banging, scratching and biting. How can we continue our home sessions? What can be done to stop the behavior because I don’t that currently what we are doing is working.

44:49 – I’m so exhausted, and overwhelmed and I am not seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. I have three boys on the spectrum and normally I have a ton of help and they have a ton of activities. That has all stopped and now it is just me with them. I need to be teacher, therapist, OT, cook made and do all the things. If you could just tell me something I could do with them to occupy them while I heat food. Praise God for you being here and speaking hope to all of us in this mess.

52:26 – Thank you to CARD, our services have continued both in-home and on Telehealth. I wasn’t sure about the Telehealth, but it has been incredible. My question: My other son is jealous when my son with ASD is on Telehealth with his CARD therapist. He cries and doesn’t understand why he doesn’t get to be there. Is there anything that they can do occasionally to include him, he is 3 and doesn’t have a diagnosis.

54:07 – My 8 year old is struggling with why we can’t be outside. He mands for grass, it is breaking my heart. We live in an apartment building and normally go to the parks each day. The parks are closed. I have a friend who offered to let him play in her backyard but I don’t think we can even do that now. My husband is presumed positive but can’t be tested. I don’t want to put anybody at risk. I’m keeping my son and I separate from my husband which was hard enough. How do you explain this situation to an 8 year old, what could we potentially do?