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Extinction Explained + Special Guests from Spectrum Laboratory

Shannon explains what extinction means in autism jargon terms for the autism jargon of the day. Afterwards, Shannon interviews some of the brilliant minds at Spectrum Laboratory, some of who created the intro for Autism Live and were featured on Stories from the Spectrum! Don’t miss it!   7:22 Autism Jargon of the […]

Autism Jargon Extinction Explained + Autism News – Viewer Questions and More!

In this episode of Autism Live, our host Shannon Penrod explains what Extinction is for the autism jargon of the day! After that, she discusses autism news and viewer questions! 0:00 Intro 15:06 Jargon of the Day: Extinction 16:56 Extinction: Actual Definition 18:19 Extinction: Working Definition 34:02 Question of the Day: What part of your […]