Extinction Explained + Special Guests from Spectrum Laboratory

Shannon explains what extinction means in autism jargon terms for the autism jargon of the day. Afterwards, Shannon interviews some of the brilliant minds at Spectrum Laboratory, some of who created the intro for Autism Live and were featured on Stories from the Spectrum! Don’t miss it!




7:22 Autism Jargon of the Day

9:30 Extinction – Actual Definition

11:09 Extinction – Working Definition

20:38 Question of the Day – What part of your life would you like to change?

22:00 Topic of the Week – Autism around the Globe

24:13 Garth Herberg, Jason Weissbrod and Dominique Brown from Spectrum Laboratory join us!

25:10 Spectrum Laboratory’s mission and what they have been up to

32:35 About Summer of Spec https://www.speclabs.org/summerofspec

41:30 About “Big Mouth”

50:49 What is it that you do that makes everybody feel like they have a voice?

56:35 Where you can find Spec Labs online

1:00:04 Coming up on Autism Live Link Tree https://linktr.ee/AutismLive

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