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Extinction Explained + Special Guests from Spectrum Laboratory

Shannon explains what extinction means in autism jargon terms for the autism jargon of the day. Afterwards, Shannon interviews some of the brilliant minds at Spectrum Laboratory, some of who created the intro for Autism Live and were featured on Stories from the Spectrum! Don’t miss it! https://youtu.be/R8d2y24dLEM https://www.speclabs.org   7:22 Autism Jargon of the […]

Stories from the Spectrum – Content By and For A Neurodiverse World

Perspective is everything. When we can see things through another person’s eyes we can begin to understand and appreciate their unique point of view. The Autism Community has a new way of sharing its many perspectives. The Autism Network will debut its newest podcast, Stories from the Spectrum on Friday April 29th a 1pm ET, […]

Autism Live – Hypotonia & Hypertonia Explained + Garth Herberg and Jason Weissbrod from Spectrum Laboratory

In this episode of Autism Live, our host Shannon discusses Hypotonia & Hypertonia for the jargon of the day! Afterwards she is joined by Garth Herberg and Jason Weissbrod from Spectrum Laboratory to discuss new music classes, a concert they are preparing for on June 10th, some recent gigs their artists have been working on […]

Autism Live Monday November 8, 2021 Out of Pocket Maximum Explained and Spectrum Laboratory

In this episode, our host Shannon discusses Out of Pocket Maximum for the jargon of the day before being joined by representatives from Spectrum Laboratory, the group of individuals that our responsible for the Autism Live theme song being created by musicians on the autism spectrum! Check it out! 14:40 Jargon of the Day – […]