ADHD – Diet – Biomedical Treatment & More

Dr. Doren Granpeesheh answers viewer questions about ADHD, Diet, Biomedical treatment for autism and much more in this episode of Ask Dr. Doreen! Check it out!

13:29 Please share your reviews about therapeutic listening for the children with autism.

15:33 My 7 years is showing through intellectual deficit and speech delay and lately diagnose d ADHD. He is having therapies but how to manage ADHD

18:27 Diet – Sugar, Pesticides and IBS

27:10 does biomedical treatment help autism symptoms like GAPS diet and OAT and mycotoxins testing?

33:57 What causes autistic children to laugh for no reason (silly laughter)?

34:49 how can stimming be controlled?

49:59 Yes I meant auditory listening therapy. ( listening to some kind of music using headphones) Thanks Shannon. I heard from many parents it helps a lot with receptive skills/auditory processing disorder. TOMATIS and other similar therapies